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"CM11a" refers to a kind of X10 computer interface. Software for the CM11a is compatible with ActiveHome, HomeDirector, and the CM12u (UK).
"CM17a" is a small X10 computer interface also known as the X10 FireCracker.
"CP290" is an older, obsolete X10 computer interface.
"TW523" is another older X10 interface.

BlueLava - A CGI interface for X10 controllers. Works with a number of backend programs.
BottleRocket - Command-line interface for the CM17a.
CGI-x10 - A CGI script for controlling BottleRocket over the web.
CP290 Software - Software to control the CP290 interface.
Flipit - Command line CM17a controller.
FreeBSD Home Automation - Guide to resources for home automation under the FreeBSD operating system.
FreeBSD Remote Control Daemons - Programs for home automation under FreeBSD.
GNU Phantom.Home and Phantom.Security - Software for automation and security with diagrams for building the compatible hardware.
GtkX10 - CM17a software with a GUI using GTK+.
heyu - Simple CM11a control.
HomeDaemon - Program events with a CM11a or Applied Digital interface, including a web browser interface. (requires x10d).
Linux HCS - Linux software for the Circuit Cellar HCS II system.
Linux Home Automation - Guide to Linux home automation resources.
Metalab Software Archive - X10_lib, light switch control, x-automate, netlitng, and other software.
MisterHouse - A perl-based home automation program for the CM11a and CM17a. (Freeware)
Motion - Software motion detector that grabs images from video4linux devices and/or from webcams for security.
Remote Automation, Inc. - Automation solutions using Linux and GNU licensed software.
Temperature at Home - Tcl/Tk project on Linux with sourcecode to read and graph temperatures using the Hot Little Therm.
WebX10 - A web interface for BottleRocket.
WMX10 - A WindowMaker/AfterStep applet to control a CM17a.
x10d - A few simple programs to communicate with a CM11a or LynX-10 interface.
x10d for Linux - The x10d same program but modified to compile correctly under Linux.
Xtend - Responds to events received from a CM11a interface.

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